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Lee Woodward: No Bots About It

Alex Cohen

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Alex Cohen

When Lee Woodward won Top Salesperson of the Year, 5 years in a row, he knew it was time for a change. “I remember thinking, this is a signal – I’ve got to move on and do something different,” he says.

With Woodward’s meteoric rise in the real estate industry, starting out as an agent at the age of 22, and making the top 2% of agents in Australia after only one year, selling is very much in his blood. Having achieved all he could in sales, however, Woodward turned his razor sharp focus and foresight to training and creating successful business systems, transforming the real estate industry in the process.

Woodward’s passion for growth and technology led to incredible ground-breaking innovations such as his creation of web books that allow efficient multimedia communication through a single link. “It was an accident,” he says. “I was doing all these massive seminars, and people wanted copies of the slides or videos, so I needed a way to shrink wrap this all together; that’s when I designed my first web book.”

Woodward saw tremendous possibilities with web books and next created robot marketing, a simple tool for sending information and inbound marketing collection. “When The Block was on TV last year, there were 10,000 enquiries,” says Woodward. “There’s no way any agent can handle that, but we built the technology for the rapid response.”

With a virtual number, 0429 272 009, costing Woodward only $29 per month, the robot records a text, which is a single word, and responds with appropriate information. Try it! Text the word ‘block’ to 0429 272 009. Shortly, you’ll receive everything you need to know about that property. See?

Now, text the word ‘scenic’, which refers to an off-the-plan block of apartments on the Central Coast. One advertised word, a simple text and you’ll receive all information required for that property, such as contracts, photos, videos, shrink wrapped together, without speaking to anyone or wasting time with emails or accessing information via Dropbox. “When ‘scenic’ went to press, we sold 20 in one day,” says Woodward.

A buyer, not ready to talk to an agent, can access necessary information, while the agent makes a strong lead and builds the database. When the agent follows up, the conversation has already started, making their call specific rather than random. “Robot marketing is designed to be a great service,” says Woodward. “Most of the texts come in after 11pm.”

For Woodward, robot marketing is simple and yet so powerful. “It reduces marketing costs by 60% because you’re not spending money to get attracted,” he says. The marketer also saves time, talking to fewer people, yet more who are self-qualified. “I love the human connection of a phone call,” says Woodward. “I just wanted to work out a way that we ring the right people for the right reasons.”

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