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Inside Business | 2 min read

iPhone 8 & iPhone X: What To Expect

Ken Kennedy

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Ken Kennedy

Imagine taking a client into a property for the first time and letting them see a vision of what it could look like after they’ve moved in. They can see – not just imagine – their furniture, decoration and other personalisation in situ. That’s one thing the new iPhone 8 is expected to feature. It will have a larger-than-ever display and the latest augmented reality tech.

You’ll be able to point the iPhone’s camera around a room and insert objects, change the colours and create a live visual representation that will help your clients see past the four walls and experience their new home or office.

Ahead of the expected launch of the iPhone 8, here is a sneak peek at what the experts are expecting to see: 

Bigger, higher-definition displays

Leaked information suggests the new iPhone will have an edge-to-edge display. That means the thin borders around the edge of today’s iPhone will disappear. And pictures will be clearer than ever before. Today’s iPhone has a pixel density of 326ppi, but we can expect the new iPhone 8’s display to have a pixel density of around 521ppi. So, we can expect the new iPhone to have a bigger, sharper display that will deliver life-like images.

Augmented reality – where digital meets physical

Those new displays aren’t just there for their looks. Integration with a slew of new augmented reality apps that will accompany the iPhone 8 means you’ll be able to add information to what you see. For example, your potential buyers could see what their furniture will look like in an empty room, as the software will add photos of their belongings to the images captured by the iPhone’s new, super-sensitive cameras. The camera and display will work with other sensors for motion, tilt and other movements, so the images you see and augment will adapt as you move around.

Face up to new security

Touch ID is a core part of the iPhone platform. Although it’s a useful way to log on to an iPhone quickly, it’s also at the heart of Apple Pay and is used by application developers to authenticate users. But the next iteration of the iPhone is expected to go further.

A new facial recognition system will use infrared and other techniques so that a photograph can’t fool it. This is like the Windows Hello system used in Windows 10 by devices that have the right kind of camera. It means that, as well as all the data on your iPhone being kept secure, all you’ll need to do to log in to check something on your iPhone is look at it.

Bye-bye cables

When Apple ditched the headphone jack with the iPhone 7, there was considerable consternation. It seems the iPhone 8 will also take away the need to use a cable for charging. Leaked images from a Chinese factory reveal a larger battery and new wireless charging system. The idea is that you can put your iPhone down on your desk or bedside to feed it some power. 

Perhaps this is a sign that the future of Apple's smartphone doesn't include external ports at all? 


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