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Integrations: The Future of Property Management

Kristina Estoesta

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Kristina Estoesta


In the grand scheme of things, disruptions are rather unwelcome.  In business, they have a tendency to delay carefully laid-down processes and create chaos.  But to Rockend CEO Alister Maple-Brown, the disruptions brought about by integration create an opportunity for improvements and ultimately, better services for customers.

In another interview with Real Estate Uncut, Maple-Brown discusses how integrations are disrupting the real estate industry in a good way and its foreseeable future in property management.  Here are the highlights of the discussion.

The power of integration

Integrations have made it possible for businesses to move data across disparate systems, creating a more streamlined experience for the end-user.  No doubt that this has changed how property management is done and to Maple-Brown, this is “what disruption effectively is— just new ways of doing things, doing it better that appeals to people using the services.”  With integrations, there’ll be services for short-term lets, long-term lets, property inspections, maintenance, etc., all done in a single platform.

The future of Rockend in Property Tree

And that platform is what Rockend is focusing on with Property Tree.  “It’s all about the integration piece,” says Maple-Brown.  With Property Tree’s integrations— such as with utility connections company MovingHub, for example— there is added value and less friction for the end-user.  Maple-Brown adds, “They may not be aware of all the different solutions in the background, but if they got a more streamlined user experience then they are more satisfied, and they’ll want to be in the platform more.”  Further into the future, Maple-Brown sees providing services not just to traditional investors but to homeowners as well. 

Conductors of the orchestra

With all these integrations in place, property management takes centre stage in facilitating better services for customers.  Maple-Brown illustrates an interesting analogy: “Rather than being a member of the orchestra, you (property professionals) actually stand up in the front and be a conductor, coordinating these things to happen.” This is a very important role when one realises that there’s so much at stake across the different entities involved in property and real estate.

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