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Looking to increase your productivity? Seize the power of the ‘Third Space’ - Dr Adam Fraser

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Each year Rockend hosts an internal conference for all Employees, referred to as Company Day. All employees from around Australia and New Zealand congregate in Sydney for a networking event the night before, then a full day conference the following day. The aim of this annual event is to celebrate the past years achievements and to align the business’s strategic direction for the coming year. 

Each year we also have the honour of hearing from an inspiring business professional and this year we heard from Dr Adam Fraser. Adam is a leading educator and researcher in the area of human performance. Over the past 10 years Adam has exclusively studied the ways to elevate the corporate and business performance of employees. This research has led him to develop the concept of ‘The Third Space’.

What is the ‘The Third Space’? It is the transitional period between tasks. This could be the time between finishing work and getting home or between one meeting to the next during the day. Adam and a team of researchers at Deakin University have proven that our mental state and our physical actions during these transitional gaps can drastically impact upon our actions, emotions and daily performance.

Adam’s extensive research in this field has discovered that in order to achieve the best performance from each individual, they need to create a physical and mental boundary between those transitions. Whether that be through two minutes of deep breathing and relaxation between meetings or mentally winding-down from the day’s work on the train ride home. Adam has found that those individuals who can successfully utilise their Third Space, were more engaged, balanced and productive, both in and out of the workplace.

Adam’s highly engaging and entertaining presentation challenged of the whole Rockend and PropertyTree team to become masters of their personal ‘Third Space’. Have you found your ‘Third Space’? Have you seen results in you performance and mental wellbeing?

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