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Property Management | 1 min read

How to Breathe Life Into Smaller Listings

Alex Cohen

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Alex Cohen

Every trend worth its salt knows that having a buzzword is the first step to success. ‘Bringing the outdoors in’ is the latest to gain buzzword status with interior designers and property professionals the world over, who refer to it as the ‘transterior’ trend – where a property’s interior and exterior seamlessly blend into one another.

In the property market, there is continued demand for homes with outside space, with McGrath Edgecliff agent Simon Exleton telling Domain, “It’s all about lifestyle and the interaction between life inside and life outdoors.”

Sounds idyllic, but what do you do when outdoor space is limited or non-existent? The answer lies in flexing those green fingers, or heading to a florist, and bringing greenery of all shapes and sizes into your properties.

When faced with a blank canvas, a great place to start is by looking for those hard-to-fill empty spaces, usually found lurking in hallways and living rooms. By placing a beautiful large white pot filled with something like a fiddle leaf, first impressions of a house can be instantly changed. Made popular thanks to the modernist style of the television show Mad Men, this large and pretty plant is perfectly on trend and ideal for empty corners.

As you continue to walk through the property, lift your gaze to any high shelving and bring in trailing, lush and leafy vines such as Devil’s ivy. When placed in modern pots not only does this plant bring colour and texture to a room, it also purifies air. Another way to bring in greenery, without cluttering a space with pots, is to hang air plants in bathrooms or bedrooms. These multi-sized glass domes, filled with a variety of foliage, are popular in yoga studios across the country, regularly grace the pages of glossy interiors magazines and bring a sense of calm to a space.

In the bedroom, you could consider trading a bedside lamp for a rich, leafy fern, which brings a surprising touch of nature into a neutral space. Simply tuck it into a pretty pot and, voila, an understated room immediately has life breathed into it.

Indoor plants in the more functional spaces of a property bring with them a sense of warmth and homeliness. Displaying potted herbs on kitchen windowsills or scattering small potted plants on shelves and other surfaces can quickly turn a clinical space into a much cosier one. You don’t always have to use plants in their entirety, either, as fronds or branches placed in glass bottles and vases look great in more contemporary or bohemian properties.

Bringing the outside in is an easy way to turn a property into a home, plus it’s been proven that indoor plants help to reduce stress. Moving house can be stressful, and this is an ideal way to get clients off on the right foot.


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