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Grow Edition 12 - now available!

Catherine Vissiere

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Catherine Vissiere

In September Rockend officially marks 40 years in business!

This is an exciting milestone to achieve and naturally lends itself to reflecting on changes over the four decades. We first started out as a trust accounting software company and have steadily broadened and evolved our technology offerings to support property management and strata management businesses to grow their business. In all honesty I am not the best person to tell the Rockend story but rather leave it to our cover feature of Tony and Alister Maple-Brown, the original founder and current CEO of Rockend.

In honour of our 40th Anniversary, this edition of grow magazine is all about “Imagining What’s Next”, and we posed this question to a few of our valued customers, to discover the opportunities and challenges they see impacting the property industry – see page 34. We highlight new trends in Design, looking at 3D printed housing and the rise of "Well" homes. In Lifestyle we asked the question "what does the future of work look like?". We also delve into the stories of technology company founders Aiden Lister from building management software company Uptick and Sarah Bell from PropTech start-up AIRE.

When looking forward it is also important to look back. We spoke with Natalie Fitzgerald on how she managed the Opal Towers major defects crisis when all its residents were made to evacuate on Christmas Eve in 2018, and we delve into the importance of failure.

So while we might take a moment to crack the champagne to toast our anniversary, our focus is very much on how we continue to not only “Imagine what’s next” but to continue creating rewarding property experiences for our customers.

Stay tuned as life really does begin at 40!

Enjoy the latest issue of Grow Magazine.  Click here to read now.

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