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Grow Edition 10 - available now!

Peter Crowe

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Peter Crowe

Welcome to Issue 10 of Grow. I joined as the Head of Product in June this year and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed to the opportunity to meet many of Rockend’s clients in their offices and at events during the short time I’ve been here.

A theme that stood out in these conversations is the ever-increasing complexity of the life of a property or strata manager. Customer expectations are increasing, there’s more to do with what feels like less time to do it. Often this is with a team with less experience than may have been the case just five or ten years ago. This is an area of enormous potential for our software to add value your business and the team and I are looking forward to releasing the enhancements we are developing to help you Grow.

It is great to see a some of our Rockend Customers Michael Cimino from Inner Real Estate (IRE), Melodi Brown from Ristic RE and Les Horverd enjoying the benefits of our cloud based software not just from a business perspective but also in the time they get back outside of the office.

This edition highlights the profiles and insights of all three of these valued partners, but we are also delighted to bring to you a range of other stories and articles including the rise of the friendly robot, what goes into making a great rendered image in the property industry and how to gain competitive edge business tips from Peter Sheahan – named one of the 25 most influential speakers in the world by the National Speakers Association.

We also delve into lifestyle topics such as the increasing popularity of the ‘staycation’ and what prompts people to take a holiday without necessarily travelling anywhere. And in a related topic, we uncover the world of the digital nomad, those who choose the work anywhere but in the workplace. With today’s technological possibilities I could be writing this in Rockend’s offices, from the comfort of my own lounge room or indeed, on a beach in Tahiti, you’ll never know!

In the meantime, with the little time you have, please enjoy issue 10 of Grow.

Peter Crowe

Head of Product

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This edition highlights the profiles of our valued partners at Inner Real Estate, Ristic RE and Les Hoverd of Harcourts Hoverd and Co. We also bring you business tips from Peter Sheahan as well as a range of other stories on the latest in tech and lifestyle.

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