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Gold Really Can Grow On Trees

Andrew Turner

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Andrew Turner

Supporting the property industry through partnerships with real estate agencies and strata management businesses has, and always will be, a cornerstone of our identity. When it came to selecting a technology partner that was in alignment with our values, and would best support our customers and suite of products, Microsoft was the clear choice for Rockend.

Simply being a member of their network wasn’t good enough for us, which is why we elected to undergo the many levels of competency testing and verification to achieve the highest level of certification - Gold.

The Microsoft Partnership Network

Microsoft recognised that the world of business today is increasingly dynamic in nature, which is why they started the Microsoft Partners Network to provide operators with the edge and tools they need to succeed. To ensure the hundreds of thousands of businesses that are part of the network best service their own customers, Microsoft provides them with regular training and access to the latest software, innovation and technology services.

As a certified Gold Partner since 2011, Rockend has been recognised as a business that demonstrates the highest and most specialised capability to meet customer needs, and is a member of Microsoft’s most highly accredited independent technical support providers.

Going for Gold

Gold certification is assessed annually and can be achieved in several areas – depending on the nature of the business looking to achieve it. Based on feedback from our valuable customers and considering their business needs both now and in the future, we elected to undergo the process to achieve Gold certification in the areas of cloud platforms and software development.

Achieving Gold

Software Development

To achieve gold in software development, 5+ members of our engineering team studied for months as they sat 3 Microsoft Professional Certification exams each. Once the exams were passed, we then had to provide Microsoft with 5 customer references detailing the quality of our software and its ability to support their business to both succeed and grow.

As a customer of Rockend, you can rest assured that the software you use in your business is being developed by developers that receive frequent and up-to-date training, and are compliant with industry-leading best practice standards.

Cloud Platforms

Beyond being Australia and New Zealand’s first and leading cloud property management software, PropertyTree is also a Microsoft Gold certified system. To achieve this, we were required to prove that we were consuming a sizeable amount of Microsoft Azure (Microsoft’s cloud that PropertyTree is hosted on), have 2 of our PropertyTree developers sit and pass multiple Azure-specific exams, along with 5 more customer references.

Microsoft Azure

While there are many cloud service providers, we choose to host PropertyTree on Microsoft Azure because it provides our customers with the best service and benefits with little to no risk on their part. Some of these benefits include:

  • Saves you money: As PropertyTree is cloud-hosted, you no longer need to purchase servers to host software in-office, thereby removing the associated costs and risks. Moving to the cloud will cost you very little in installation, and you will be saying goodbye to server maintenance costs. Everything is maintained by Rockend and Microsoft.
  • Security that’s as solid as can be: Security is important to us, and Rockend guarantees security to our customers that have selected us as their cloud service provider. Microsoft and Rockend have teams of experts that look after this both day and night so it is safe to say you are in more than capable hands.
  • Availability of software upgrades: Anytime an upgrade is made to one of our cloud-hosted products, these upgrades are available to the client as soon as they log in. No more kicking everyone off the server or shutting up shop for half a day to update software.

Propel your business forward by taking advantage of the cloud with PropertyTree. To make the change call 1300 778 733 today.

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