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First Impressions: 5 Property Selling Photography Tips

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 As photos may be the first chance to impress a potential buyer or tenant, bad ones on property listings can mean the right client may not even pick up the phone.

Paying for professional photography is not always feasible, so we’ve distilled the essential photography tips that will help you take success maximising photographs.

1. Quality over quantity

Start with the right equipment. A good DLSR camera with a variety of lenses (especially a wide angled lens to emphasise space and create depth), a flash and tripod (ensuring vertical lines remain vertical) are a must. That said, the most important steps to great photography have nothing to do with technology…

2. Let there be light

Real estate photography is notoriously difficult because the bright light from outside can make interior photos look dark and uninviting. Fortunately, there are a few ways to get around this, such as:

  • Ensuring there is as much natural light in the property as possible,
  • Using electric lights to brighten interiors
  • Learning how to use the white balance and ISO settings on your camera to improve lighting

3. Frame it

Ensure that all photos are framed well. Reduce clutter such as counter top appliances, dirty dishes and rubbish bins to create clean lines and an illusion of space. Make the photo really pop with a striking wall print or bright cushions as a focal point.

4. Perspective

Your photos should visually flow from room to room, making the property seem spacious. To achieve this, take photos from the right perspective (usually the corner of a room), avoid objects blocking the foreground of the photo and avoid angling the camera downward too much.

5. Use technology

Don’t be afraid to use photo-editing tools like Photoshop to enhance your images. Adjust brightness, saturation and crop photos to get that perfect framing. Then, of course, there are more advanced techniques such as virtual tours to make the listing really stand out by providing the viewer with a great experience.

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