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Property Management | 1 min read

File Smart Version 6.0 is now available!

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The Rockend Team

fileSMART Version 6.0 is now easier to use than ever before! PrintMail has been updated and improved, meaning that viewing, handling, processing and transmitting documents is even more simple and intuitive. This is just one of the many new features now available!
Some of the latest features in Version 6.0 include:

· PrintMail – This process now features a revamped 6 step solution for emailing and printing documents. The simple navigation menu easily guides you through the tasks and actions required in the PrintMail process.

· Multi Trust Collations – Speed up your payment runs by processing multiple trust accounts simultaneously.

· HTML Emails – Communicate clearly and professionally with the new HTML email editor, allowing you to add stylised HTML templates through fileSMART.

· Additional Collation Screens – An ‘In Progress Collations List” menu and a “Completed Collations List” menu are now available to better manage Collations either still in progress or completed.

· Jobs – A new button allows you to duplicate existing jobs already stored in the Jobs section.

· QR Code – Eliminate manual data entry and save time with QR Code recognition.

· …and many more.

These improvements continue to simplify the fileSMART document management processes. Get the most from your fileSMART investment and upgrade today or if you would like to find out how fileSMART could benefit your business, please contact us.

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