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Property Management | 2 min read

Tamsin Wilson: Efficient Property Management

Catherine Vissiere

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Catherine Vissiere

Rockend Rockstars is a video series in partnership with Property TV. As part of the series, Kevin Turner talks to some rockstars of the property management industry about their business, tips, and personal stories.

Our guest for this episode is Tamsin Wilson from Belle Property Parramatta

Belle Property Parramatta is a 15 year-old family business with strong community presence in the Greater Western Sydney area, and a large portfolio of 2400 properties under management. Their growth has been fueled by two major rent roll acquisitions - the first one came with 1000 properties, then another 1000 properties were acquired a few years later.

Consistent services, structured process

Tamsin Wilson heads up the Property Management Division for Belle Property Parramatta and runs a tight ship. Her focus on processes has allowed Belle Property to deliver a consistent service to their landlords and tenants without relying too much on the physical presence of a property manager.

Her three top focus areas in the daily running of the business are:

  • How to manage the growth, scale and reach of the business
  • How to keep their people happy and engaged,
  • How to provide better service to their customers

Technology still fragmented

Although they have achieved great efficiencies thanks to the way they structure and train their teams, Tamsin is always looking for ways to save as much time as possible. Whist technology is key for them, it's still very fragmented. But if it can save just 5 minutes a day for her and her staff, she will explore it.

Belle Property Parramatta is currently in the process of moving to Property Tree. For anyone who wants to move to Property Tree, Tamsin suggests that a good place to start is with the customer’s journey and asking yourself what you want to achieve for them.

The way they’re communicating with clients is changing. It’s not necessarily relationship or technology-based, but rather, understanding what is the best way to communicate and engage with their customers. For example, when you send an email, you don't necessarily get to reach your client: people don’t necessarily check their personal emails at work or work emails at home. But if you send a text message or a WhatsApp message to your customers, they tend to immediately see it and acknowledge it.

Happy staff, happy customers

“We're always trying to see how we can make sure that our staff are happy to come to work every single day.” Tamsin Wilson says.

Tamsin believes that if staff are happy to go to work everyday, then they will work more efficiently with their landlords and tenants. Staff are more likely to go the extra mile when they are happy.

“At the end of the day, if you're happy and smiling, you're going to enjoy coming to work, and the tenants are going to feel it.”

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