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Property Management | 1 min read

Document management made even easier

Peter Crowe

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Peter Crowe

In an industry where document management is crucial to the success and productivity of the businesses, a reliable cloud solution is a game changer for Property Managers.

Property Tree has made that possible through its latest Document Management System (DMS) which allows all users to simply drag and drop documents onto the browser to upload and manage several document types including pdf, anywhere any time.

Search & Retrieval

What was once a major pain point when dealing with a large volume of documents, search and retrieval is now simpler as all documents saved can be searchable through the Ownership, Property, Tenant and Creditor profiles. Users have full control over their documents meaning they can tag, view, edit and delete the files at any time if need be.

Process automation

Documents such as invoices, inspection reports and maintenance request processed through Property Tree will automatically be saved to the Document Management System and are searchable through the Ownership, Property and Tenant profiles.

Start using today

This enhanced feature is pre-activated for all Property Tree users, so you can start using it straight away. For more information on DMS check out the Property Tree knowledgebase.

If you're not a Property Tree user yet, book a free demo today to discover the Rockend difference.

Looking for a complete
property management solution?

Property Tree is made with efficient property management in mind.  Built with automated functions, innovative features and its own document management system - it will streamline your processes and save you time so you can focus on growing your business.

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