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Customer Experience – The secret to business growth

Baris Ozturk

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Baris Ozturk

Creating real-time, personalised experiences is a competitive differentiator in today's business landscape, especially in customer-service driven industries such as real estate. In our eBook, "The Beginner's Guide to Starting Your CX Journey in Real Estate" we talk about how integrating Customer eXperience or CX in your real estate business is the key to your growth and the ways you can do to get your CX program off to a good start.

Let's take a quick look at what you can expect with our CX guide.

CX the Rockend Way

At Rockend, providing customers with a great experience is what we live and breathe, putting value on customer feedback to improve not only the customer’s experience, but also the business’ overall health, including that of our employees. We discuss about this more in the guide, sharing our own journey towards greater customer centricity that can hopefully also help you run your CX efforts more effectively.

Starting your CX journey in a Real Estate

According to Forrester, delivering great customer experiences can lead to 60% higher profits, better customer loyalty, lower churn, and better competitive advantage. So it is crucial that you lay down the groundwork with an understanding of how everything works together. In our beginner's guide, we discuss the steps that can help you start your CX journey the right way.


The lesson for all business owners when it comes to CX is to focus on basics and fundamentals and get them right – this means understanding and meeting customer needs. To learn more about how you can get started with CX in your real estate business, download our free guide.

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