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Inside Business | 2 min read

‘Customer Centricity’ is not just a buzz term

Baris Ozturk

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Baris Ozturk

‘Customer centricity’ is not just a buzz term at Rockend. We live, breathe and swear by it.  And if you don't believe us, see for yourself!

Customers are at the heart of everything we do here at Rockend. It's helped maintain our industry leadership for 40 years of being in business, providing hassle-free property and strata management solutions. Our agile approach allows quick adaptation of your feedback, giving our products their competitive edge.

Customer centricity in action

When you enter the office you quickly realise that customer centricity is not a top down strategy, rather it’s something that's at the heart of the company’s culture.

Opposite the oversized chess board in the lunch room is our Customer Wall. Updated weekly, it’s covered in customer feedback. The good, the bad and the confused. Every time a customer gives you feedback, it is a gift. Do something with it. Make sure they know that you have listened to it and that you have done something with it.

If you walk around the corner another room will catch your eye. Its glass walls are covered in pink, blue and green bubbles like a science lab. That's the Customer Lab. On the inside, the walls are covered in user journey maps, diagrams and graphs from floor to ceiling. That’s where our masterminds gather daily to innovate, gather valuable insights and drive meaningful change for customers.

Capturing customer feedback

Meaningful customer-driven change is at the core of the business - and customer insights come from the technology we use, our research and data analysis.

At Rockend, we track Net Promoter Score in real time, a measure which gives customers a safe avenue for feedback through online surveys. We also have implemented listening tools to capture comments made on social media. There’s even an internal app that capture customer feedback via any staff who speaks with a customer. This then gets channel back to the Insights team.

Rockend customers can also provide feature enhancement suggestions via our User Voice Forums. Other customers can vote on the suggestions, which help our engineering team prioritise development work. The forums provides customers with real time status on where features are at.

Providing a personal experience

At the end of the day what makes dealing with Rockend special is the personal touch that makes the company feel like a family-owned corner store. And that’s because the Customer Experience Team is local. We know that our customers want and see value in a direct relationship with real staff.

Whether you’re a social media native or a snail mail fan, there’s no shortage of ways to contact us:

  • Chat to us via live chat on our website or social media
  • Lodge a ticket through your favourite Rockend software to keep track of all communication
  • Call us anytime between 8:30am-5:30pm Monday-Friday on
    1300 657 700 (AU) or 09 909 7093 (NZ)
  • Read our in depth knowledge-base articles for all your product queries – available 24/7 (available for both desktop or cloud products)
  • Upskill yourself and your team through training webinars, or classroom tutorials held in our Melbourne, Perth and Sydney offices. We can even come to your office if you need on-site help

And after you’re done we’d love to hear how it went – so take 2 minutes to fill out the survey you'll be automatically sent, and we'll use that feedback to improve our service. We are fully committed to delivering industry-leading service and products, and we need your help to do this.


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