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Property Management | 1 min read

Why agents are embracing the Cloud with Real Estate Software

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Cloud technology is arguably the biggest thing since the introduction of the internet. The global cloud computing market is expected to grow to over US$120 billion in 2015, with cloud based software comprising over 70% of the industry’s revenues, according to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald. 

Property management departments that are embracing cloud based property management software are seeing far-reaching benefits, but some agencies are reluctant. Why? There are a few common concerns that most people have when looking at moving to a cloud based solution. 

1. Security

Possibly the greatest concern agencies have about switching to cloud based software is security. Relying on someone else to care for your highly sensitive data somewhere you can’t physically see, can make many business owners nervous. The key to overcoming this phobia is to ensure your cloud software provider is reputable, secure and backed up by a certified hosting provider such as Microsoft or Amazon.

2. Current processes are effective

While in theory this is correct, the fact of the matter is the old process could be holding your business back. It can be hard sometimes to take to new technology such as cloud based property management software. But in this case, sticking to those tried and true paper-based systems can see you left behind with day-to-day processes that aren’t efficient, take more time than necessary and are more vulnerable to human error.

3. Cost

Cloud based property management software cost is always a factor in business decisions, but working in the cloud can be very cost-effective. With cloud technology, you don’t have the cost of setting up and maintaining hardware, software and backup systems. You generally pay much less up front and for an ongoing monthly fee, your backups and software updates are done for you. You don’t have to worry upgrading superseded hardware and software, or relying on IT departments and service call outs.

Choose the right provider and you’ll experience cloud software that is flexible, able to scale with the needs of your business, secure, affordable and reliable. This technology is here to stay, investigate whether the cloud is right for you and make sure you’re taking advantage of the benefits for your agency.

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