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Property Management | 1 min read

Property Tree Client Story: Kristy and Vaughan Copping

Kristina Estoesta

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Kristina Estoesta

It was during the mining slump of  2014 when Kristy and Vaughan Copping started the award-winning Perth Property Management (PPM). Not exactly the best time to begin a business, but the husband and wife team rose up to the challenge.  They knew that they had to deliver more than the traditional property management to set themselves apart from the rest.


Focus on Customer Service

With her experience in property management, Kristy saw the flaw in the traditional system:  property managers are chained to their desks, performing mundane tasks instead of engaging with clients. The ‘personal touch’ was missing, and they decided to create it for their customers.

This vision was a deciding factor for the couple when it came to finding the right technology and people to help them run their business.

Values vs Skills

“Skills you can teach, values you cannot,” according to Vaughan.

This philosophy served as their guide in their hiring strategy. They hired staff experienced in customer service rather than property management, knowing that they would choose a property management solution that would be easy to learn and work on even for novice property managers.

With Property Tree’s easy-to-use interface, PPM found a solution that helps their property managers work efficiently.

The convenience of the cloud

Developed with convenience and accessibility in mind, Property Tree’s cloud-based system gives property managers the time to network and meet with clients— a scenario in line with PPM’s business philosophy.

Without Property Tree we would not have been able to build this business,” says Kristy.


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