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Property Management | 4 min read

Property Tree Client Story: Linda McDonald of Spraggon George Realty

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After almost four decades in the real estate industry, there’s not much Linda McDonald hasn’t seen or experienced when it comes to property management. As the office manager at Spraggon George Realty in Duncraig, WA, Linda knows there are always new opportunities to create efficiencies and deliver a superior level of service. Here’s how Property Tree is helping their team to do just that. 

Moving to Property Tree

The team at Spraggon George have been working with a server-based property management software for years before moving to Property Tree in September 2019. Linda admitted that while she already knew the previous system inside outthe benefits of using Property Tree far outweighs staying in the comfort zone. 

“Even though Property Tree is incredibly feature rich, it really is an easy-to-use system. And, as an added benefit, we can use the system to manage our commercial properties as well.” 

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Support you can rely on

The thought of moving to a new property management software seem daunting especially for those who are coming from server- based systems to the cloud. Thankfully the Property Tree support team made the transition easier for Spraggon George Realty. 

“The team at Property Tree were very helpful and we managed to get everything up and running as quickly as possible,” says Linda. 

And because Property Tree is used by over 3500 agencies across ANZ, Linda also has access to support from a growing community of users 

“I’ve found the online forums, including some Facebook groups, to be a fantastic source for hints and tips,” she says. “It’s great to have access not only to specialist support from the Property Tree team, but also the collective experience of other users.” 

Thriving in challenging times

Using the cloud-based system of Property Tree offers Spraggon George Realty the convenience of being mobile. This allowed them to continue business even through times of crisis. 

“Our previous system was server-based. Had we not already migrated to Property Tree, we would have found ourselves in a very difficult position when all the COVID-19 restrictions came into effect. With Property Tree being cloud-based, we can all easily work from home, with minimal interruption to our service levels.” 

Providing efficient services

But Property Tree is so much more than just a cloud-based property management software. Linda is also impressed with its ability to effectively communicate with their clients.  

We’ve been able to tailor the layout of the statements we provide to our landlords,” she explains. “Previously, I’d send out the statements and, within half an hour, have lots of questions coming back. Now, after a few small tweaks to the layout, I might get one or two queries at the most. This one small change has saved a lot of time.” 


Property Tree is also packed with features designed to automate manual and routine tasks that Linda is looking forward to using. 

“There are still lots of features we haven’t tapped into and, by taking advantage of these, we’ll be able to communicate more effectively with our clients and provide them with a better, more tailored level of service,” she says. 

To know more on Linda’s story, read her customer case study 

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