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Property Tree Client Story: Michael Cimino of Inner Real Estate NextRE

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Change is inevitable. That's what Michael Cimino, Head of Property Management of Inner Real Estate NextRE, knew a thing or two about when he joined the family business two years ago.  A Chartered Accountant by profession, Michael wanted to bring some skills he learned working in big business, to his family business and help it transform.  

A huge part of this transformation, according to Michael Cimino, is making sure that the business is at the forefront of using the latest technologies, while still providing excellent service to their clients, and improving their processes.  

The family business had been a Rest Professional customer for 20 years. They were ready to move to modern, cloud-based technologies. “We knew that we needed to make a change and we knew that we needed a system to bring us to 2018. So we chose Property Tree.”

Smooth Migration

As the team at Inner RE were getting ready to transition the agency’s data to Property Tree, the migration team at Rockend provided a sample file extract that identified many data inconsistencies. 

“We had 20 years of data that we were bringing across from one system to another. Not all of it had been entered consistently. Rockend gave us the opportunity to review and clean the data, not once but twice, well ahead of moving across to Property Tree,” says Cimino. “This gave us the confidence that we were starting with a solid data foundation in our new system.”

The team also had a full day of training with a Rockend Consultant to help with configuring the new system. “Having the consultant in the office, sitting with the team, helped to get everyone comfortable with the new system before going live.

All these small things put together helped Michael Cimino better manage the change with his team when it came down to implementing a cloud-based property management system.

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Advanced features

Property Tree’s features and integrations caught the eye of Michael when it came down to choosing the property management software fit for their business.  

One of his favourite features is Invoice Genius, which helps his team process huge amounts of invoices in a short period of time.  “It gives us a huge efficiency saving, otherwise we would be snowed under the paperwork.”

Another feature that Michael and his team love is the Owner and Tenant portals, which allows them to easily communicate with their clients anything that’s happening with their property.  And, because Property Tree’s client portals are online, all relevant information can be accessed anytime anywhere.  “Property Tree allows us to (communicate with our clients) 24 hours a day through the portal.“

Michael and his team of property managers also enjoy the seamless integration of property inspection app, Inspection Manager with Property Tree, “I like to communicate any changes or updates on properties to the landlords as quickly as possible, and Inspection Manager allows me to do that.”


A family man himself, Michael says that the most important reason why he chose Property Tree is being able to be mobile, “I’ve got a six-month old at home, and it’s important to me that I get to spend as much time with her as possible while still being able to do work.” 

With Property Tree’s cloud technology and automated tools, Michael and his team are able to perform their tasks effortlessly, wherever they may be.

 “(With Property Tree) we are able to be mobile, we can set up office wherever we are, and we are not bound by infrastructure requirements that we used to have”.

Taking the family business to the future

“Our future, hopefully, is limitless,” Michael says about his dreams for the family business.  To do that Michael believes that it’s not only about having the right group of people working for them but also having the right software and systems in place.

“Property Tree fits in with that vision because it allows us to scale our business in line with the systems we have in place.”  

Michael continues “Property Tree is more than being able to work from home, or being able to access information wherever I am…it also means I can focus on growing the business, and whilst I am growing the business, I still have control of what’s going on.”

About Inner Real Estate Next RE

Inner Real Estate Next RE is an independently owned Real Estate Agency specialising in the sale and management of residential Melbourne Inner City Real Estate. For more information, visit


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