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Build Your Business with Social Video

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Social media is now a mainstream marketing channel, one that’s particularly useful for small and medium businesses – like many real estate companies – as a new generation of buyers enter the market.

Millennials, which now includes people in their mid-30s, is a group for whom print, television, radio and web search advertising and communications will provide declining levels of engagement. If 25- to 35-year-olds are in your target audience, you can’t ignore these changes in media consumption.

While your website may still provide a solid selling tool, it’s trust and affinity for your brand that makes clients feel they can entrust you with selling or managing their properties.

The power of social media cannot be ignored when it comes to networking and brand building.

Social media can help you tap into this market of socially savvy Millennials in real time, on the platforms where they spend a growing portion of their time.

The ability to send images and videos that disappear a few seconds later was first made popular by Snapchat, but it’s now been adopted by Instagram and Facebook as a popular way to share content.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories has the greatest number of users and given Instagram’s huge popularity, particularly if you’re after the younger demographic, it should probably be your first choice.

It enables you to leverage your existing Instagram following.  If you have a story to tell, a coloured ring around your Instagram profile pic will appear so your followers know, which means Instagram Stories is specifically for the people looking to engage with your content – users must intentionally visit to see what’s new. Those who see your material are a captive audience, rather than your posts being lost in news feeds and only seen by some.

The 24-hour lifespan of images and videos shared on the platform ensures content remains fresh and relevant, and encourages immediate engagement and communication with viewers.

REMEMBER: Posting purely promotional material is a bad idea. These types of platforms should let you build a story – showing the agent at work, complete with client success stories, pictures or video tours of listings.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live makes it very easy to broadcast a live video to your brand’s Facebook followers using nothing more than a smartphone. Many real estate businesses are using Facebook Live for ‘vlog’ style thought leadership content, property walkthroughs and more.

The key benefits of live video include a feeling of exclusivity, as well as the fact that people don’t expect production values to be as high in live videos as in post-produced ones – even if watching later.

Taking live video a step further, Domain recently experimented with Facebook Live 360 auctions, which, as its title suggests, are live, 360-degree video of auctions as they unfold. Curious property seekers can watch auctions on their smartphones or tablets, letting them see more auctions than they could physically get attend in person.

As the most popular social platform, Facebook helps agents reach a wider audience, and live videos need not be restricted to auctions, but can be used to give real-time house walk-throughs and more.

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