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ARPM 2017: Key Learnings For You

Alister Maple-Brown

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Alister Maple-Brown

What do ARPM & PropertyTree have in common? They are both for property managers, and are both market leaders in the property management industry, and are committed to providing property managers with the tools to streamline their business, and drive growth.

With such a strong alignment of purpose, it was fitting that PropertyTree and Rockend once again partnered with TRET and were a major sponsor of ARPM held earlier this week on the 27th and 28th of August. With a reputation of being the ‘must-attend’ event in every Australasian property manager’s calendar, ARPM 2017 was certainly no exception.

Celebrating 17 years, the conference was held for the first time at Sydney’s The Star, and was built around the theme: RECONSTRUCT. The event’s program delivered content focused on taking the experiences and knowledge learned from the past, and moulding it with the world and tools of today, to develop and solidify the future of property management.

As always, the 2-day event exceeded expectations and truly delivered on the TRET team’s vision to:

  • Creating a program that has the ideal balance of successful property management professionals, and inspiring subject matter experts from the fields of leadership and development, marketing, technology and customer experience.
  • Equipping all attending delegates with the attitude and tools to upskill and develop both their business and themselves.
  • Providing all delegates with a strong return on investment through access to training, specialised breakout sessions, and strategies that will enable them to both upgrade and future-proof their skills.

One of the most powerful things about ARPM is the way in which it brings together the property management industry. Not only do attendees hear from and connect with people like Josh Cobb, Andy Lark, and Julie Davis; they are exposed to the latest advancements in technology and offerings from service providers. Unveiling PropertyTree’s new feature Invoice Genius was very exciting for the team here at Rockend, and for all delegates that took it for a test-drive!

If you couldn’t experience ARPM this year, here are 3 key areas to invest in and develop this financial year:

  1. Harness the power of Marketing and its associated technology:

    Put yourself in your clients or prospective clients shoes – the market is saturated with content and noise from competitors. How do you simultaneously cut through this to both gain and retain business? The answer is simple: Leverage digital marketing tools, like social media and feature such as live video that is available across all major platforms. Know your purpose and points of difference and share it regularly in a way that engages people. Video is the new currency of engagement.

  2. Seamless and Outstanding Customer Experiences:

    Your customers have never been more powerful than they are right now. Their opinion, in the form of Facebook or Google reviews, have the power to build or break your business. That is the reality of doing business in this digital age. Your customers are going to talk about you, and to you, which means you need a system to manage the reviews or feedback if you intend to harness the power and opportunity that come from them. Using a Net Promoter Score is a great way to measure your advocacy and detractor levels.

    However, while it is important to measure everything, remember this: the best process is a simple one that consistently delivers a desirable customer experience. There is always room for improvement, but ensure you change for the right reasons. A knee jerk reaction to appease one unhappy customer is not one of them.

  3. Transformation in the form of Upcycling: 

    Upcycling, also known as creative reuse, is a process that transforms by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new products that are both timely and desirable.

    With disruption on our doorstep, Property Managers and business owners can embrace it through transforming both themselves and their product and service offerings. What can you do to avoid, reduce, reuse to increase your businesses sustainability? Clients are recycled through the business as they move through the property lifecycle, so why shouldn’t you or your team be recycled in the form of taking on a new role to retain them and generate a new line of income?


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