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An Island of One’s Own

Alex Cohen

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Alex Cohen

Escaping to a private island is the ultimate getaway – remote, beautiful and with all the luxuries and comforts of the modern world.

With a frosty Australian winter howling at our doors, exchanging the biting winds and bone-chilling rains for the sun-soaked beaches and crystal waters of a tropical island is the perfect haven. Hiring a private island of the coast is within reach and no longer just for the rich and famous. Here are some spots you can consider for your next getaway.

Lizard Island

Lizard Island lies on the doorstep of the Great Barrier Reef. Its location provides breathtaking views and a unique way to experience the beauty, scale and diversity of this natural wonder. With just 40 villas or rooms and 24 private beaches, exclusivity and privacy are a way of life on Lizard Island. It is the very definition of a holiday. For those looking for a true tropical pampering experience, you can relax and unwind at the resort’s day spa, while island activities such as snorkelling, diving, kayaking and walking take full advantage of the beautiful location and natural surroundings. The variety of rooms and suites offer elegant, deluxe accommodation and provide guests with a secluded serenity so often sacrificed in everyday life.

Pumpkin Island

For a true escape-to-the-tropics retreat there is Pumpkin Island, a small slice of heaven nestled south of the Great Barrier Reef. With just six hectares of total landmass, this tiny treasure offers its guests accommodation with a conscience, where the seven self-catering units are entirely sun- and wind-powered. Pumpkin Island delivers its visitors a kernel of paradise – marvel at the stunning sunsets, wander the secluded beaches and immerse yourself in the underwater world of the spectacular reef. And with a plethora of island activities, including dolphin and turtle spotting, oyster harvesting, private cooking lessons and exploring the mysteries of the ocean in a glass-bottomed kayak, you’ll never want for adventure.

Haggerstone Island

When it comes to island life, Australia’s masterpiece is the award-winning Haggerstone Island. This all-inclusive boutique resort in Far North Queensland takes the fantasy of a private island holiday and makes it a reality. Cast away into the serene world of the Great Barrier Reef and escape the winter blues in this tropical paradise. Enjoy the picturesque waterfalls, the wild beauty of the rainforest and the homegrown fresh produce from the orchard garden.

Satellite Island

For those who enjoy the wilds of winter, cosying up beside an open fire in a remote and rugged landscape, look to the south. In the magnificent Tasmanian waters of the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, lies Satellite Island – a small piece of paradise where sheer cliffs fall away into pristine waters, where pebbles mosaic the sandy shores and where native bushland borders the rocky coastline. As Satellite Island has only recently become accessible for the public, its breathtaking natural beauty remains untouched and unspoilt – the ideal place to slow down, breathe and enjoy the simple things in life. This secluded and stunning hideaway is exclusively yours, your own private island to hire, explore and relish as you please.

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