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Property Management | 3 min read

A New Benchmark for Success

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Rockend's realbenchmark Product Manager, Fiona Mott, introduces realbenchmark, a new KPI and benchmarking tool that makes accessing business intelligence easy.

"realbenchmark is Rockend's new cloud-based business intelligence solution for REST Professional clients. The new platform boasts a one-click, highly visual dashboard that allows property managers to easily compare and analyse their KPI performance data results in the one place. Being cloud-based it's accessible on any device, you just need an internet connection.

"There was a real opportunity to enhance the existing KPI reporting in REST Professional and create something that was visual and super easy to use. The meaningful outputs from the data jump out at you from the dashboard. It's that easy. The simplicity of it is great, our users don't have to do anything," says product manager Fiona Mott. "It's a direct reflection of what's happening in REST Professional."

The dashboard is not only highly visual, but contains historical data from REST Professional helping you to identify and track trends iin a straight forward manner.

"You can view your properties gained or lost, leasing activity and maintenance – any of the KPI metrics realbenchmark reports on. Not only understand but see how you're performing, plus the graphs can be customised based on your needs."

Early feedback from a select group of existing REST Professional clients – who've been using a beta version of the platform prior to its scheduled release in August – has been positive. "There is some real excitement about the product," says Mott. "People are keen for it to go to release. When you've got over 50 percent of the market, once we do release it and the client base starts to activate it, the benchmarks will be data rich and include a very healthy cross-section of the industry." Access to the level of benchmarking with regular data updates has not been seen before in our industry.

realbenchmark's weekly and monthly reporting and ease of access anywhere-anytime via the cloud is reflective of the needs of today's property management industry, which, like so many others, is moving at a rapid pace. "Everybody wants everything at their fingertips, all the time don't they?" Mott says.

The tool enables users to log in at any time to view data, which is already prepared and can be filtered in a number of ways without needing clients to collate the data themselves. It also includes historical data so, as soon as they sign up, users can compare historical statistics to track trends and identify areas of success and those that may need work.

Benchmarking itself is not new of course for any business or industry, but the benchmarking element inside realbenchmark means you can take your own KPIs and compare them to other similar businesses and the industry via simple filters. "So you really can compare like for like businesses, as well as understand where the industry average is at," says Mott.

Mott has 20 years of industry experience and a background in training and conducting analysis on Rockend's client businesses' results and how they could be improved using REST Professional. She jumped at the chance to manage realbenchmark.

"I've got that industry experience, I've worn the shoes," she says. "It's a great tool. I would've loved it when I was managing teams and departments."

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