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The 8th edition of Grow magazine is out now

Catherine Vissiere

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Catherine Vissiere


As the new Head of Marketing at Rockend, I’m thrilled to welcome you to the 8th issue of Grow Magazine.

When looking at current emerging trends in the property industry, we see some definite change on the horizon. This edition highlights some of these changes slowly making their mark on the lives of tenants, owners and property professionals in residential, commercial, holiday and strata environments.

In this issue, you will learn about the adoption of connected technology in smart offices and residential buildings. We see a growing number of new modern spaces designed to attract tomorrow’s digital native worker or renter: places like Central Park in Sydney or 100 Mount Street in North Sydney.


You will also learn about a new breed of Australian property professionals looking to augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) to market their business, slowly catching up with the pace of proptech adoption in the US and the UK. Today, this innovation is driving the emergence of brand new businesses that were simply not possible just a few years ago.

Technology is an enabler to business success. That is a fact. But it is also clear the businesses that best understand what matters most to their customers, deliver simple and rich experiences and continuously look to evolve their business models, will grow faster than their competition.

I hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed pulling it together.



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