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Property Management | 2 min read

6 takeaways from PM Reach

Catherine Vissiere

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Catherine Vissiere

PM Reach was all about mindset, wellness and resilience. We were able to attend and hear first-hand as the amazing speakers gave their advice on how to avoid burnout, grow, and really succeed in the property management industry.

We’ve put together a list of our key takeaways from the day, so that even if you couldn’t attend, you can still learn what they had to say!

The following is taken from the sessions of property management and resilience experts at PM Reach; Sadhana Smiles, Tanja Jones, Danielle Cargill, Carolyn Wright, Cate Bakos.

Plan your personal goals as well as your business goals

We are experiencing rapid changes in our industry. Most of it is exciting, but a lot of it can be daunting and overwhelming. As with any change, you need to put place a robust plan if you want to come through this change on top. But the key to ensuring this plan works is to make sure that our personal goals are also taken into account. We all come to work to live the life we want to have, so both plans are connected at some level. Just remember that it is not just managers who need a plan, everyone in the business needs one to keep us on track to what we want to achieve.

Learn to thank yourself

For eight hours per day, five days a week, property managers are solving problems across multiple stakeholders in often unrealistic time frames. It can be a thankless task and because you care, you often take the stress of work home which can impact their well-being and sense of fulfilment. Put in place steps to recognise yourself, your colleagues, and your customers and they will do the same to you. If you don't feel valued, then you won't last long in any job - especially property management.

Identify your personal brand

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean become an Instagram influencer. You don’t need to be flashy, cliché, or in peoples faces. But you need to understand who YOU are. What are your strengths, weaknesses, and what are you passionate about? Where do you want your career to go? Use the answers to these questions to identify the 3 things that you stand for – your unique selling points – and work towards embodying them.

Don't be the same as everyone else

Create your own career path by being brave enough to speak up and shake things up. Easier said than done though right? Take small steps, try things, and understand that you do have the power to be heard and make a difference. Perception becomes reality, so believe in yourself, find someone you want to be and start to emulate their behaviour. Eventually it will become a reality.

Find a balance

Property management can be high stress and working yourself long hours to try and get more done is counterproductive. If you don’t set aside time to relax and spend time with your family, you won’t be happy and productive in your role. Finding the right balance is critical to longevity and success.

Beat stress and stay mentally healthy - watch now

Don't just read, take action!

How often do we go to a conference, go back to work, get busy and the bottom draw becomes the smartest place in the office? All the great ideas we wanted to implement stay there because we get busy. Don’t let this happen. Set aside time to when you get back to the office (how about now!?) to jot down a quick plan of how and when you’re going to start applying what you learnt. And then try to stick to it; even if some things get delayed, don’t forget them. Regularly refer back to your plan and keep making time to progress.

I hope you enjoyed this roundup. If you’d like to read more tips on how to improve your property management career, checkout our top 10 tips for property managers.

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