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Property Management | 1 min read

6 Stats About Australian Property Managers

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Property management is a dynamic field that opens up exciting opportunities for those who want to get into the real estate industry. If you're thinking about starting a career in property management, here are 6 interesting statistics you should know about property managers in Australia.

1. 82% of the property management industry is female

Who run the property management world? Girls! Our 2018 Voice of Australian Property Management Report reveals that the industry is dominated by women, with a typical property management employee likely to be a young woman working in a full-time position who has held her role for less than two years.

2. 71% of property managers enjoy their jobs

The survey also shows that most property management professionals enjoy their jobs, feel their roles are secure and are generally satisfied with how much they are paid for the work they do.

3. 56% of property managers feel they have excellent career progression

Majority of property managers surveyed believes that the company they work for offer them great career opportunities. Moreover, 62% agree that they have the right tools and resources to excel in their job.

4. 75% of property managers have undergone training in the past 12 months

The learning never stops for property managers. Changing legislation, new technology and growing customer expectations has made it important for them to undergo regular training that will prepare them for any new challenges.

5. Property managers work 40 hours in a week 

About 50% of property managers enjoy a typical 40-hour work week. And while busy-ness is an issue for some - with about 12% feeling overworked, using a property management software makes the workload more manageable.

6. 40,773 people work in property management in Australia

The demand for property management services has increased along with the rising number of people renting. A report by IBIS World shows that about 40,773 people are employed in 10,574 businesses, reflecting the importance of property managers in the residential property market in Australia


If you'd like to learn more about the industry, check out The 2018 Voice of the Australian Property Management Report.

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