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6 reasons to use Rockend SMS

Peter Crowe

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Peter Crowe

Communication is a big part of property management and here at Rockend, we want to make it as easy for you as possible. One of the ways we do this is through Rockend SMS, a fully integrated and seamless SMS service available for Property Tree, Rest Professional and Strata Master users.

Simple and effective business messaging is our promise with Rockend SMS. Here are more reasons why you should start using this service now:

Six reasons to use Rockend SMS - infographic (2)

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Learn more about Rockend SMS and how to activate the feature in your software:

In Property Tree:

In Rest Professional:

In Strata Master:

Looking for a true
cloud-based property management software?

Property Tree is the leading property management solution in the cloud, complete with its SMS service, Rockend SMS, to help you deliver outstanding customer service anytime and anywhere. See how it can make your work easier, book a free demo today.

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