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Inside Business | 2 min read

6 Productivity Hacks to Tame the Day

Alex Cohen

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Alex Cohen

How mindful are you during your working day? Do you take a minute or two every so often to assess where you are at, walk around the office, step away from your desk or phone, and take a few deep breaths? If you’re shaking your head right now, don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

Staying mindful during a day that might involve meetings with prospective buyers, site inspections, drafting contracts, and sifting through admin can be tough; but what if we told you that it would make you significantly more productive? Practicing small acts of mindfulness throughout your work day can reduce your stress levels and improve brain function. So, why not try these easy tips and apps and see if you notice the difference?

Lists and goals

Instead of charging ahead with your day, set yourself 10 minutes at the start of each shift to jot some goals and ideas down. How you set your goals depends on your preferences: maybe it’s a clear list of tasks, a combination of tasks and goals for the week, a list of must-dos and can-do-laters. Taking the time to set out what you need to achieve for the day, and what might be able to wait, can save you stress further down the track.

App: Lumosity

Lumosity is an app designed to keep you mindful, and your brain active and firing on all cylinders. It’s the perfect app to pick up during your coffee break, or as you wait for clients to show for a meeting; with several different games and puzzles to solve, it provides fun challenges that can take your brain off work for a while – but allow you to stay savvy.

Keep hydrated

We know, it sounds a little too simple. But how many times have you realised that you haven’t had any water in three or four hours after being engrossed in a task at your desk? Or forgotten to take a bottle of water with you when you’re on the run showing properties and meeting with clients? The more water you drink, the easier your brain will find it to keep up with your body.

App: Boomerang

How many times have you thought ‘I need to send that email later’ – and then promptly forgotten about it? Boomerang allows you to schedule emails in advance and is available for both Outlook and Gmail.

Take a minute

One of the keys to mindfulness is being aware of your own movements and processes. Whether you work at a desk or spend your day running between meetings, it’s important to take a few minutes at least once an hour to stop work. Whether you do a quick breathing exercise, have a stretch, go and grab a cup of tea, or chat to a co-worker – taking time away from your regular schedule is incredibly important to give your mind time to recharge.

App: Headspace

Another free app with paid options, Headspace helps break down meditation and mindfulness for you. There are explainers, and guided meditations (quick and a little longer for when you’re at home). It is a great introduction for those who haven’t tried meditation before and has more advanced options for those in the know.


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