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5 Reasons to upgrade to STRATA Master Version 6.0.5

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The Rockend Team

At Rockend, we are continually working to improve your experience with Strata Master. The best way to take advantage of this is to keep up to date with the latest version of Strata Master to ensure that you have access to the latest features.

We've just released Version 6.0.5 which includes even more improvements for users. Here are 5 good reasons to upgrade today.

Meeting Wizard

Make meetings easy with the Meeting Wizard. The Meeting Wizard is a configurable checklist of tasks to guide you through from preparation, to running the meeting, as well as the follow up tasks. The wizard will assist you in managing multiple meetings across your portfolio.

Some of the features include:

· Configuration of tasks for your business

· Customisation of meeting tasks at the owners corporation and/or meeting level to allow for extra steps to be added or removed when required.

· Direct links to open the screen required to complete each task.

· Send meeting reminders via SMS

· Comprehensive audit trail to show when each task was completed and by whom

Create & Distribute Meeting Documentation

Setting up default templates for your meetings will save you time when issuing meeting agendas and minutes. Select from over 50 different merge fields from STRATA Master to customise your templates.

When you are ready to issue the documents and attachments you can print or email to your clients directly from Strata Master.


Synchronise your meeting agenda with MEETING Master to display the each motion on the agenda on a mobile device. You can mark attendance and automatically determine if a quorum is present.

As you discuss each motion listed on the agenda you can view all attachments including financial statements, quotes and any other relevant material included in your agenda.

All information recorded in MEETING Master is synchronised back into Strata Master so you can print or email the minutes.

With over 1,200 meetings synced to MEETING Master in less than 3 months.

Interim Reporting

Interim Reporting is now streamlined with a simple new screen that allows you to easily distribute reports to single or multiple plans. You can set default reports at the agency or plan level for interim reporting to executive committees and owners.

This feature allows you to automatically email or print reports from the system, as well as have access to a complete report summary which contains confirmation of reports sent and an error log.

User Meeting Favourites

Enhancements are received from clients at User Meetings, from Enhancement Surveys directly from Strata Master users via email. We’ve added these great features which were all requested by clients:

· Formatted reports saved in *csv format

· Quick Pay with email remittance

· Management Fee Preview Report provides a total to be billed

· Save to file is checked by default on all archiving screens

· Exclude a plan from debt recovery

Upgrade today from within Strata Master. For instructions on how to upgrade, click here.

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