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Property Management | 3 min read

5 online tools for property managers

Kristina Estoesta

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Kristina Estoesta

There’s no denying that the internet has changed the way property professionals like you get information. In just a click or a tap, you gain access to a vast and dizzying array of data and content.

But what are the ones worth your time and where can you get resources to address specific concerns?

Aside from real estate websites (and there are a lot), let’s take a look at other online tools and resources available for property managers, and what each one offers to suit your needs.


1. Blogs

Blogs are a great source for tips and news snippets presented in a clear and concise read. There are heaps of blogs in real estate and property management to help you out, and most even have options for newsletter subscriptions, delivering content straight to your email so you’ll never miss out.

Elite Agent is a popular blog among real estate professionals and opting in on their mailing list will get you a daily dose of property news and inspiring tidbits to get you started on your day. Of course, there’s also our very own Grow property blog which is regularly updated to give you information and tips for your career and business.


2. Webinars

Enrolling in webinars is an excellent way for the always-busy property manager to gain insights on industry-related topics and pressing issues, and learn practical skills. These online sessions are designed to save you time going to training or seminars, giving you easy access right at your desk.

PropertyTree holds regular webinars to help you work efficiently and maximise your use of the software. You can also check out your state’s Real Estate Institute (such as REINSW) website for a schedule of helpful webinars.

Another great thing about webinars is that most are offered for free, and if you missed a live webinar, you can also access recordings for viewing at your own time.


3. Podcasts

If you’re looking for a truly mobile way to get your supply of real estate news and information, then podcasts are for you. By subscribing to podcasts, you get to listen to subject-matter experts as they give practical tips and share success stories on a wide range of topics in real estate, all while on the go. If you haven’t yet, you can check out our list of the best podcasts you should be listening to in property management.


4. Online groups

Here’s an impressive little nugget: There's an estimated 2.62B social media users in the whole world today. You are most likely part of this statistic, along with thousand other property managers - that’s a thousand ideas, stories and information waiting to be shared! But social media can also get ugly what with trolls and fake news lurking in every corner. Which is why joining online groups for property professionals can help a lot in ensuring you get relevant content in a safe and welcoming space. 

A popular group among property managers is the Australian Property Manager Community, with almost 10,000 members to date. The group is an online community where property managers can exchange ideas, download resources and even share the occasional meme or two. “Our members offer important advice and support to each other, but it can be fun too and it’s really reassuring to everyone to know they’re not alone,” says co-founder Hayley Mitchell.


5. An app to bring it all together

With countless content published online every second, it can be hard to filter what is worth reading. Thankfully, there’s Realm Industry app (free for iOS and Android users) to help you get more of the information you need in real estate and less of what you don’t.

With partnerships from respected news, business and real estate organisations, the app gives you access to quality, industry-specific content which you can customise further by subscribing only to channels you like.

A good property manager is always the one who is willing to learn new things to keep up with the challenges and opportunities of the times. With these resources and tools available online, you can make sure that you are always bringing your A game to the table.


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