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Property Management | 1 min read

4 Ways to Save Time with Real Estate Software Solutions

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Access to standard forms, contracts and tenant details, generating reports and keeping track of arrears – these are core components of the property management profession.  The question is, where do you find one application that can combine all these, plus warn you when a tenancy is coming to an end, and email quote requests when maintenance is due? The answer lies in cloud-based property management software. Here are five ways that cloud-based software can speed up your management tasks. 

1. Upgrades are a thing of the past 

With online property management software platforms like Property Tree, everything you need to do your job is in the cloud. You can access the program and all its features from anywhere and on any internet-enabled device. That also means there’s nothing to download, and no infuriating upgrade warnings flashing at you every fortnight. The version you are using is the very latest, because it’s upgraded online, not on your device.

2. Property maintenance made easier 

You can even use email templates to get a maintenance request moving quickly and professionally, while at the same time keeping an eye on expenditure limits for that property. Everything regarding the property maintenance is stored in the one central location.

3. Keep the owner and tenant informed

If the tenant wants to know when the next inspection is, or the landlord wants to know how far in arrears a tenant is, the software can help. Rather than calling the real estate agent every time they want a piece of information, each party can be given access to certain specific data via the internet, saving the property manager time.

4. Keeping track of overdue rent

Chasing up tenants in arrears is one of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of property management. But with the right software, it’s possible to track how far behind a tenant is, and remind them via automatic emails.

These can be sent out by the program at specific pre-set times, warning the tenant of the situation and the steps that can be taken to ensure that the rent gets paid. Multiple templates can be set up to convey the progressively more serious nature of the problem.

The job of property management is time-consuming and complex. Because of this, it’s important to automate as many of your professional responsibilities as you can to save time, and to have access to information no matter whether you are in the office or out on the road. Cloud-based property management software can help you achieve both these goals, and deliver a better service. 

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