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Strata Management | 2 min read

2 features of Strata Master that will improve your productivity and profitability in 2014

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The Rockend Team

Strata agents that use Strata Master and File Smart know that Rockend is continually listening to clients and adding new features that will save time and increase profitability. Here are the 2 key features released in 2013 that Strata Managers who are serious about improving productivity should adopt in 2014.

Write now. Sync later.

Do you find yourself scribbling notes during meetings, and then later struggling to turn your notes into minutes? Eliminate double handling when you use the Meeting Wizard and Meeting Master App with Strata Master.

The Meeting Wizard is a configurable checklist of tasks that will guide you through the preparation and follow up of meetings.

The Meeting Master App syncs effortlessly with the Meeting Wizard, and allows you to run entire meetings from a tablet device. You can make notes within the Meeting Master app and when you get back into the office, sync the notes back into Strata Master.

From Strata Master, you can merge and distribute the minutes, in minutes!


Offer Self-Service to your Owners and Executives

Many requests received by Strata Managers are from Owners and Executives, who want copies of their financial information. To reduce these everyday requests, offer your Owners and Executives the option to securely access their financial information online – freeing up your time for other tasks.

The Owner and Executive Portals is an online portal for your clients to log in and view their information, similar to internet banking. When used with File Smart, you can securely share any type of documents with your Owners and Executives, such as work orders, invoices, photos and correspondence.


How do I start using it?

The Meeting Wizard, Meeting Master App and the Owners and Executive Portals are available to Strata Agents who are currently using Strata Master, at no additional cost. To set up these features, contact Rockend Support or go to the Strata Master Knowledgebase.

To learn more about how Strata Master and File Smart can improve the productivity and profitability of your business, contact Rockend today.

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