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11 Key Takeaways from PMC You May Have Missed

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The Rockend Team

And that’s a wrap for PMC 2018, Australia’s biggest property management conference. This year, it brought together over 600 of the industry's most innovative professionals for two days of learning, case studies, and fun!

If you couldn’t attend the event – or your most vivid memory is from the Jumanji party on the Sunday night – don’t stress!

We are here to share with you the 11 most valuable takeaways and thought-provoking questions from the conference:

  1. “Are you using relocation agents? It’s a great way to add value for customers, and it’s a service you can charge for.” - Ashley Giles, LPMA New Zealand.
  2. “Did you know? In the property management industry, the staff churn rate is between 30-35%.” - Luke Richardson, Head of Profit, Ray White
  3. “Ask your clients to leave a Google review when they have had a positive experience with you. Thirty-nine of my leads this year were directly referred from Google reviews.” - Ash Martin, Director, Ash Marton Realty.
  4. “You can’t force culture. You need to live and breathe this as owners and directors. It’s also important to think about culture-fit when hiring.” - Jonathan Downing, Operations Manager, Mosaic Property Group.
  5. “Are you aware of the 3 key factors your customers will expect from you and your business in 2020? Immediacy, personalisation and artificial intelligence”. - Steve Carroll, Director of Industry Relations, REA Group.
  6. "To differentiate your business from becoming a commodity, think about how you put customer intimacy at the heart of what you're doing" - Ben White, Co-founder, Ailo.
  7. “The challenge is finding the sweet spot between growth and profit. Do you know where your sweet spot is?” - Luke Richardson, Head of Profit, Ray White.
  8. "Don't chase growth - understand loyalty and you'll see growth" - Ben White, Co-founder, Ailo
  9. “What tools are you using to go paperless? Here are the ones that you should be using DocuSign, Slack, Trello and DropBox.” - Ash Martin, Director, Ash Marton Realty
  10. "Real strength is the thing you carry in your heart. After your muscles are withered, that's the thing you count on."- Kurt Fearnley OAM, Australia Paralympic Gold medalist
  11. "Why is it getting harder to stand out to your customers? Because customers now compare experiences universally across all industries" - Steve Carroll, Dirctor of Industry Relations, REA Group.

If you attended the conference, share your key takeaways with us in the comments below!

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