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    Property Management | 2 min read

    Property maintenance just got easier with Maintenance Plus

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    Property Management | 17 min read

    Strategies in dealing with COVID-19 as a property manager

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    Property Management | 2 min read

    Here's what's new in Property Tree this March

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    Property Management | 4 min read

    Property Tree Client Story: Tamara Dalziel of Investment..

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    Strata Management | 16 min read

    Strata Master version 12 is all about communication

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    Grow Magazine

    This month, Rockend officially marks 40 years in business. This is an impressive milestone for any technology company.

    In this issue we highlight new trends in design, 3D printed housing, the rise of well homes and what the future will look like. We also delve into the stories of technology company founders Aiden Lister from building management software company Uptick and Sarah Bell of PropTech start-up AIRE

    As we look to the future, imagine what's next. 

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