The Beginner's Guide to Starting Your CX Journey in Real Estate

In recent years, business leaders have put the spotlight on Customer eXperience (CX), acknowledging that for businesses to survive, they must meet the rapidly changing customer expectations, and even more so, be able to predict their every need.


So, have you ever asked yourself how relevant you are to your customers?


In this complimentary e-book, we'll guide you through the CX journey and help you lay the groundwork to making your real estate business more customer focused, thus creating a path to your growth and success.


You'll learn:

  • - 6 Reasons why CX matters in Real Estate
  • - Steps to get you started in the CX journey
  • - An overview of the Net Promoter Score to help you gauge customer relationships.
  • - How to manage change in your agency to achieve customer centricity

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